Chevon specializes in radiators for cooling diesel and gas engines, offering both standard and custom built designs catering to the specific needs of our customers.

Our radiators possess high heat transfer coefficient radiator cores built with high-performance multiple louvered fins and round/oval tubes.


C Series – Set Mounted Radiators

E Series – Set Mounted Radiators with Fan

M Series – Remote Radiator with Motor & Fan

H Series – Horizontally Mounted Remote Radiators

AFT Series – Vertical Air Discharge Remote Radiators with Motor & Fan

Customised Designs


Chevon has factories and design teams spanning Singapore, Malaysia, China and India with a deep understanding of Asia operations & conditions. Hence, we are able to provide back-up services with minimal response time.

Solder Coating

Chevon offers additional protection for corrosion-prone environments. Solder coating isolates the radiator core from corrosive elements. Supporting metal structures can be designed with stainless/galvanized steels for added corrosion resistance.

Our Customers

Chevon has a rich history of providing support for radiator products of the following brands of generator sets

  • AKSA
  • Caterpillar
  • Cooltech
  • Cummins
  • Deutz

  • Jackson
  • Kohler
  • MAN
  • Mitsubishi
  • MTU

  • Perkins
  • Powerica
  • SDMO
  • Tellhow
  • Tractors


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