AirVenturer, a proprietary of Chevon, offers a wide range of industrial axial flow fans from 400mm to 2100mm boasting high efficiency and aerodynamic design.

As a user of industrial fans for many years prior to specializing in manufacturing them, Chevon possesses a thorough understanding of the needs of customers. We understand the limitations faced by engineers when selecting fans, and are therefore able to offer practical solutions to even the most unconventional of problems.


Axial Flow fans are outfitted with adjustable aerofoil impellers, empowering them to produce a wide range of airflow capacity and static pressures through varying the number of blades and their pitch angles.

All components have undergone stringent testing by international standard bodies and are industry-proven. Profiled blades are tested in wind tunnels in accordance with AMCA 210-99/ISO 5801.

Chevon is able to provide quick deliveries as fans are assembled in house.

Comprehensive Parameter Lab

Controlled Test Laboratory

Fan Balancing Machine

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