Plate Heat Exchangers

Plate heat exchangers are used extensively for general heating and cooling duties in Marine, Pharmaceuticals, Food, Medical, Process, Petro-chemical and general industries to optimize heat transfer. The carefully designed corrugated surface of our plates provides a large heat transfer area with relatively lower space requirements. Our plate heat exchangers are compact and flexible. The flexibility in plate arrangement ensures optimal turbulence and high heat transfer efficiency.


Effective Heat Transfer
3x-5x heat transfer rates of other heat exchangers

Compact size
Cooling plates packed closely together, 2x-3x smaller than shell and tube heat exchanger

Easy Maintenance
Plates can slide out for cleaning, servicing and maintenance

Ideal for Close Approach Temperature

Safe and Reliable
Gasket double sealing design minimizes contamination

Change cooling capacity by adding/removing plates
Change flow pattern by adjusting orientation of plates

Low Heat Loss
Insulation usually not required as compact design minimizes exposed area

Can be used for heating and cooling
Material allows for operation with many types of hot and cold media

Compatible Brands

Chevon is capable of replacing Plate Heat Exchanger parts from the following brands:

Alfa Laval
Lanpec Technologies Ltd.

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