AirVenturer, an acronym coined from Air Ventilation Manufacturer, is that and more.

AirVenturer offers a wide range of industrial fans that include tube axial flow fan, vane axial fan, variable pitch axial fan, multi-stage contra-rotating fan, bifurcated fan, centrifugal fan, circular and rectangular in-line duct fan, and propeller fan.

Proprietary to Chevon International (Singapore) Private Limited, a renowned radiator and heat-exchanger manufacturer and design house with well-equipped R & D facilities, AirVenturer fans are made from high quality components that can withstand the most stringent of tests.

Technically, Chevon International is no stranger to industrial fans. Prior to specializing in the industrial fan market, we have been extensive user of fans as a system designer. As a frequent user, all our fans are manufactured in-house. With experience and technical know-how amassed over the years, a natural course would be to eventually turn it into a business.

In fact, as an user of industrial fans for many years, we have a true understanding of what exactly are our customers' needs. With first hand experience of what limitations engineers face when selecting fans, we are in the best position to offer practical solutions to even the most unconventional of problems.

Currently, AirVenturer fans are manufactured in Chevon factories within South-East Asia under the supervision of its Singapore based headquarters. Additional manufacturing facilities have been earmarked to accommodate growth as the fan division is further established.
  • AirVenturer Industrial Fan AirVenturer Industrial Fan
    AirVenturer axial flow fans are outfitted with adjustable aerofoil impellers which empowers it to produce a wide range of airflow capacity and static pressures through varying the number of blades and their pitch angles. Standard AF series axial flow fans come in 11 impeller sizes ranging from 315mm to 1000mm in nominal diameters. Read More
    AirVenturer Industrial Fan
    AirVenturer Industrial Fan